Even Health’s

The first digital support platform designed for healthcare workers.

Every year, U.S. employers lose $300B in preventable employee mental health issues.
We offer employers a modern solution to addressing depressive triggers for their employees, families and dependents at a fraction of the cost of today's mental health resources and accessible from anywhere your employees feel comfortable.

Support Programs Tailored for Your Employees

Cabana helps your employees navigate life's expected and unexpected challenges by offering unlimited access to a suite of support groups tailored for your employee population and personalized to match your individual employees' preferences.

How Cabana Works

Cabana makes it easy for anyone to have stigma-free social support.

Employees can join any support group with anonymity where it matters - to both their employer and to others in the group. Employees choose a meeting time that's convenient for them and can join from any device - laptop, smartphone, or even a VR headset.


Create a profile of your interests, group preferences, and group alias


Search for support topics, schedule for convenience


Join any session from your desktop, smartphone, or VR-device

Cabana Works for Everyone

Social support wherever you are. Anytime. Anywhere. Without pretense.

We all face challenges; some harder than others. Unfortunately, a contactless world has only made getting help harder. Even Health helps your employees connect with a community of individuals addressing the same challenges.

It’s okay to talk to strangers.

We're not kids anymore and neither are our problems. 1 out of 4 people report having no one to turn to in times of crisis or have a problem they don't want to burden a family member or friend with. Cabana provides a safe space for self-disclosure.

Come as you are.

Opening up for the first time about a difficult experience will always be scary but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Our social support groups open the door for discussing sensitive topics.

You are unique. Your problem is not.

Chances are, the issue your employees are facing isn’t new to someone else. The challenge is finding that person or getting that person to open up. Cabana creates that space.

Every company is unique. Contact us at sales@even.health to discuss how Even Health can structure an emotional health program for your employee population.