A safe space for difficult conversations.



Open. Honest. Camera Off.



A safe space for difficult conversations.


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Social Support Without the Stigma

Introducing Cabana by Even Health


Join a virtual room from any smartphone device via text message, with or without a VR viewer.


Come as you are or feel free to join anonymously; you decide how you want to seek support.


Shared environments in virtual reality eliminate outside distraction and create a safe space for difficult discussions.

Find balance on your own time.

We leverage anonymity, group support, technology, and convenience to engage employees who may be reticent to seek support when confronted with expected and unexpected challenges.


The cost of counseling can be a barrier for someone facing a challenge in their life. We offer unlimited access to a licensed network of support resources.


Join a group when you have free time or listen to a recorded session.


We all face challenges in our lives.  Let us find you a group that shares the same background.

Stress is Overloading Today’s Modern Workforce

Truven and IBM Watson’s analysis of 248,000 individuals in 2017 noted stressed employees consumed between 15-30% more health care services than their unstressed counterparts. By investing in emotional intelligence, we can strengthen our workforce and improve our ability to curb unnecessary health expenses.

Read our latest research about how we are partnering with UVA to address midday stress.

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