Even Health’s

Balance Booth

A private space for emotional health.

Every year, U.S. employers lose $300B in preventable employee mental health issues.

The Balance Booth ™ is a private booth designed for individuals to manage stress and anxiety within the workplace, at school, and within your organization.

Balance Booth™ provides a private space where individuals can utilize immersive reality applications designed for stress resiliency and restorative support.

VR Micro-Vacations and Guided Meditations

Based on Attention Restoration Theory (ART), employees can take 10-minute restoration breaks and experience open-eyed meditation

for Stress

Using biometric feedback, employees learn how to manage stress and become more resilient through a clinically validated solution originally designed for military and first responders.

Therapy (TVT)

Individuals can connect with therapists and support groups in a safe, anonymous, and stigma-free environment.

Look Inside an Even Health Balance Booth

VR Headset
VR Handset
Comfortable Chair
Customizable Privacy Window The exterior window is a customizable treatment to align the Balance Booth to internal design standards or desired logo.

Balance Booth Benefits & Features

Visible Presence

Direct signal and visible investment that stress management is important and a skill to be honed.

Private and Soundproof

Sustainable materials provide for near soundproof acoustical experience, double ventilated for maximum comfort.

Lightweight, Small Footprint

Every booth is delivered with minimal assembly required and without a significant capital or space investment. Booths take up around 12 square feet.

Easy to Navigate

Intuitive technology enabled through touchscreen tablets

How Balance Booth Works

Make emotional strength your next competence.

Make emotional strength your next competence.

Using evidence-based gaming technology designed for the armed forces, employees train to become more resilient and empathetic,  enabling them to better manage stress and anxiety.



Employing Attention Restoration Theory (ART), Employees can recharge by taking VR-based “Micro-Vacations,” proven to reduce stress during a hectic day.

Social support without the stigma.

Social support without the stigma.

Provide your employees with a schedule of anonymous based support groups catering to the expected and unexpected life transitions facing your employee population.

Download the 'Balance Booth' Product Overview

Every company is unique. Contact us at sales@even.health to discuss how Even Health can structure an emotional health program for your employee population.