A Platform For Emotional Health

Even Health was founded to help individuals regain balance during life’s emotional transitions. We develop solutions designed for low cost, high access, and reduced social stigma as a means of helping individuals address expected and unexpected emotional challenges in life.

Why Prioritize Emotional Health?

Emotional health can be thought of in three levels:


All individuals should maintain activities that help them balance the everyday stresses of life.  For some, it’s deep breathing and meditation; for others, it’s exercise.


During times of acute stress and potentially traumatic situations (eg. the passing of a loved one, first month of a newborn, a recent move), individuals should take a more proactive and targeted approach to managing the emotional strains they are facing.


All too often, individuals reach a crisis stage and require immediate intervention in support of more serious emotional health states.

Our belief is that individuals are not currently satisfied with the available solutions to manage stress in both a Vitamin and Prescription state, and often only present for support once their situation has worsened and reached a “Defibrilator” stage.

We believe that through innovative delivery mechanisms, training games, and anonymity, we can help individuals find new methods of managing their emotional health.